You may have dreams of writing a book or you may already have a manuscript. We will be glad to work with you to realize your dreams. If your title and content are in line with our principles, we will consider becoming your publisher. We provide editing, design, production and distribution. You sit back and collect royalties for the rest of your life.

The following books are currently available:

  1. Dealing With Conflict - by Charles Cowan
  2. How To Overcome Offenses - Charles Cowan
  3. He Still Speaks - True stories from leaders in Ghana – West Africa
  4. Freedom From Fear – by Travis Burke
  5. The Power of Forgiveness – by Travis Burke
  6. Rise Up and Take Your Place - by Caleta Burke
  7. God Has A Ram - by Dale Marples
  8. Como Vencer Las Ofensas - [Spanish] by Charles Cowan
  9. The Failure & Deception of World Religion – by Keith Davis
  10. The Myth of Christmas – by Travis Burke
  11. Covenant Connections - by Travis Burke
  12. The Power of Joy - by Caleta Burke
  13. Shake It Off - by Caleta Burke
  14. Be Increase Minded - by Caleta Burke
  15. The Unloved Wife – by Mrs. Khahlile Florence Mathe, South Africa
  16. She Says, It’s Complicated - Simple Solutions for Women in Complex Relationships with Men - Shelby M. Hill
  17. The Coach’s Journey - True stories of transformational experiences with iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching – Contributions from 22 Certified Coaches
  18. Sonti - 60 Years of Blood, Sweat, Tears and Joy – by Ntsayi Letesia Sonti Ledwaba of South Africa
  19. Gye Nyame – Without God, We Cannot Make It – by Rev. Dr. John Bonful
  20. Li’l Stories by a Li’l Child for Li’l Children – Volume 1 - by Ashley Felix (11 Year Old Writer)