Meet Joseph Amanfu, PhD

With devout faith in God and a passion for helping people realize their abilities and dreams, Dr. Joseph Amanfu founded Seed Word Communications. He has spent all his adult life committed to the betterment of community members through various avenues.

There is a difference between our “Being” (who we are) and our “Doing” (what we do). We are only truly fulfilled when our being and our doing are in alignment. It’s not what we say or do or how much money we make that matters. What matters most is who we are.

Our past failures don't make us a failure today. Nor do our past successes make us an automatic success today. It is what we do now that will decide our destinies. If we will look back and see the good things God has done in our lives we can begin to look ahead with the right perspective.

“A penny saved is a penny earned!” We often think only about the big savings and forget that every penny counts.

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