Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center

10 Week Training Course – Fundamentals of Life Coaching

Registration Required

Please call to register at (850) 513-1000

Course Outline:

  1. What is Coaching?
  2. How can you determine if coaching is right for you?
  3. How is coaching distinct from other service professions?
    • Therapy
    • Consulting
    • Mentoring
    • Training
  4. Athletic Development
  5. What are some typical reasons someone might work with a coach?
  6. What has caused the tremendous growth in the coaching industry?
  7. How is coaching delivered? What does the process look like?
  8. Assessments
  9. Concepts, models and principles
  10. Appreciative approach
  11. How long does a coach work with an individual?
  12. How do you ensure a compatible partnership?
  13. Within the partnership, what does the coach do? What does the individual do?
  14. What does coaching ask of an individual?
  15. How can the success of the coaching process be measured?
  16. What are the factors that should be considered when looking at the financial investment in coaching?
  17. Coaching Core Competencies – from the ICF (International Coach Federation)